Hello everyone! I'm Sasa!^_^

The Dark Goddess Liananna - The Dark Goddess of Darkness and Shadows.

And I'm Liananna!^_^ The Dark Goddess of Night, Darkness, and Shadows.^_^ Hello!^_^

And we just want to say...

Welcome to Shoujo-Ai.com!

Shoujo-Ai.com is, as of 2019, Earth's newest shoujo-ai source on the internet!

Now you might be thinking "This looks familiar...".

Well, there's a reason for that. Shoujo-Ai.com is made of remnants of the previous Shoujo-Ai.com I found while searching the Wayback Machine. They let their site die. And they also let their domain name expire. Shocking... I know...

Now the way I see it is if they were going to throw all that away, why not take it and resurrect the site. They left it all up for grabs. So I'm grabbing it. Sadly, a lot of the pics were not in the Wayback Machine. And none of the pages would let me 'View Source'. All I got was Wayback Machine code. So, I made up my own code for all of them. So, I'm remaking what I can here.

I hope that you like my efforts on this. I used to be a big participant on the old Shoujo-Ai.com's forum, and I miss it. So I did my best to recreate the site, and the forum, like it was.^_^

And I'm helping her!^_^

We offer a website with information about shoujo-ai series, and love topics.^_^ Yes, love topics!^_^ Princess Cadence would probably love this place!^_^

She sure would!^_^

We also run a cool XenForo 1 forum focusing on shoujo-ai, and love.

It also has lots of cool addons. Making it a perfect place for shoujo-ai fanfiction. Yay, cool fanfiction!^_^

Please choose where you want to go to:

Website Forum

Shoujo-Ai.com is a PG-13 internet site. That means we don't offer any hentai contents for adults. And we take care that all of our topics are suitable for ages 13 years, and up.

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