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If you know of any good sites that you think we should add to this page, then please post about it in our Site Issues forum (Not Up Yet).

Generic Shoujo-Ai/Yuri

  • The Fanfic Revolution - An archive and showcase for writers of what we hope to be the best in anime fanfiction and erotica.
  • Yuricon and ALC Publishing - A virtual con for fans of lesbian anime characters to gather. Regularly hosts fanfic and fan art contests.
  • The Shoujo-Ai Churches - A group of shoujo-ai character churches/shrines that Ariel has put together, yay Ariel... looks good. It has all sorts of series there. And it has pics/music/fics there too now.

Series Specific

Bubblegum Crisis

Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha

  • - Forums, scans and translations of doujinshi, and other things related to Nanoha/Fate.

Maria-sama ga Miteru

  • Tales of Lillian - A LiveJournal community for the posting and appreciation of Maria-sama ga Miteru fanfiction.

Neon Genesis Evangelion

  • Shin Kakumei Evangelion - A crossover with Revolutionary Girl Utena. The year is 2015. The Angels have returned. The Gates of Night are almost ready to open. It is the EVE OF THE EVOLUTION REVOLUTION.

Pretty Cure

Sailor Moon


  • AmazonMandy - A multi-talented artist with a flair for anime crossovers done shoujo-ai style.
  • Simply Sarah - A shoujo-ai web-comic which seems to have been gathering in popularity week by week.

Foreign Language

  • Fireangels - German site with English translation. The bi-lingual lj-comm of the publisher Fireangels, centered on Yaoi and Yuri.
  • Shoujoai's World - French site with English translation, including articles, reviews, and images of shoujo-ai series.
  • Waterfall - Japanese Sailor Moon fan site focusing primarily on Ami and Makoto and including a large volume of fan art.
  • Yuri no Meikyuu - Japanese yuri page with English fanfiction translated into Japanese. Great for language students.
  • Yurizoku - Dutch forum for shoujo-ai/yuri and other lesbian media You can post (fan)fiction and drawings or meet other fans.

Mailing Lists, Communities

  • GoogleGroups: Yuri - Active shoujo-ai and yuri mailing list with Files and Links.
  • Livejournal: Border's Line - A Livejournal-based rolepay that allows for nearly any character from any anime, even some original ones, to participate.
  • LiveJournal: ShoujoAi100 - A prompt-based fanfic challenge specifically for yuri, with claimable categories. Check the community info for details.
  • Perfect Imagination - A unique, searchable directory of beta readers for a growing range of fanfiction and original work.
  • YahooGroups: Yuricon - A list for fans of anime and manga lesbians, lesbian wannabees and oughta-bes.
  • Yuri no Boke - A yuri fan's blog containing reviews and impressions of yuri released in Japan and the U.S., and general silly fanishness.



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